Arezo (the film)

The Persian language has more words for pain than any other language in the world.


Screenplay & Director: WIAM Al-Zabari

Camera: Melle van Essen

Editing: Nathalie Alonso Casale

Sound Design: Jan Schermer

Producer: Family Affair Films

Broken Promise

An illegal Afghani young man is caught between a country of broken promises that doesn't want him and his family back home that has high hope for him. NTR Kort! 2011

Director: WIAM Al-Zabari

Screenplay: Tim Snijders

Music: Joram Letwory

Producer: Corrino 

Director's Visual Reel

A 2 min reel highlighting my visual interpretations as a director, commercial and drama.


Playtime: 2 min


A short interview about my life and how I intend to look at art. 

Playtime: 4 min.


Made by Dick Peterse


A short film about running away from the inevitable. Selected for NFTVM Vers XI. Shared price NPS New Arrivals 2010.


Screenplay & Director: WIAM Al-Zabari

Camera: Casper Brink

Editing: Tim Wijbenga

Music & Sound Design: Joram Letwory


A short film about not giving into reality. Selected for NFTVM Vers IX.



Screenplay & Director: WIAM Al-Zabari

Camera: Casper Brink

Editing: Jonathan Mechanicus

Music & Sound Design: Joram Letwory